Real European Olive Leaf Extract.

100% grown and extracted in Andalusia, Spain.

Encapsulated and bottled in the US.

Made only from the true olive tree (Olea europaea).

Authentic Spanish olive extracts from Island Family Farms™.

Full-spectrum. Super-strength, high-dose formula. No fillers.

25% Oleuropein, plus Hydroxytyrosol and other active polyphenols.

Each capsule has more polyphenols than 1/3-liter of extra virgin olive oil.

Traditional expert extraction. No chemical solvents.

Harvested on rain-fed family farms.

No pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer or irrigation.

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

Olive oil is central to the Mediterranean diet, associated with abundant health, longevity and fitness. People in this region have low frequency of diabetes, heart disease,  alzheimers, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Most of the benefits of olive oil and the Mediterranean diet are attributed to olive polyphenols, such as Oleuropein, which are concentrated in the olive leaves and fruit. Island Nutrition offers a blend of the world's finest olive polyphenol extracts, from Andalusia, Spain, the foremost center of olive science and cultivation. Each capsule contains more olive polyphenols than 1/3-liter of extra virgin olive oil (based on a study of over 200 Mediterranean olive oils).*


Real European Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is traditionally used for the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and to support natural immune response to bacteria, fungus and other pathogens. Our super-strength blend contains holistic extracts standardized for both Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol, plus a wide-spectrum of other olive polyphenols and phytonutrients that work synergistically with the more famous components. Our extracts are harvested from authentic Olea europaea olive trees grown on small family farms in Andalusia, Spain, with centuries of olive expertise, as a by-product of olive oil production. The extracts are made harvest fresh in Andalusia. No pesticide. No herbicide. No fertilizer. No GMO. No fillers.*

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The Missing Polyphenols

Most olive extracts — if they are standardized at all — are standardized only for Oleuropein. But there are many other beneficial polyphenols in the olive tree. We offer a holistic Olive Leaf Extract standardized to include at least 25% pure Oleuropein, while retaining a broad spectrum of other olive polyphenols and phytonutrients. We also add an Olive Fruit Extract standardized to contain at least 16% pure Hydroxytyrosol and at least 20% of total Hydroxytyrosol Complex™ (which means both Hydroxytyrosol and related polyphenols, such as Tyrosol, Oleacein and Oleocanthal). Our extracts are 100% natural, and there is some variation from batch to batch, but there will always be at least the declared amounts.

Why Island Nutrition

and Island Family Farms?

Island Nutrition is an American family-owned company. We have made premium supplements for over a quarter century, and olives are our specialty. Our olive tree extracts are 100% grown and extracted in Andalusia, Spain, the premier source for quality olive products since ancient times. Our extracts are encapsulated and bottled in the US. We use only the true olive tree, Olea europaea. The leaves and fruit are grown on small family farms with many generations of expertise, with no pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer or irrigation. Extraction is performed by world-class olive experts in a state-of-the-art facility near the farms. We use traditional extraction methods, without harsh chemicals or high heat, to retain a broad spectrum of polyphenols and other water-soluble and alcohol-soluble phytonutrients, including Hydroxytyrosol. We standardize for multiple polyphenols, not just Oleuropein. As far as we know, no one else does this.

Our price per mg of pure Oleuropein is competitive, even compared to ordinary olive leaf extracts that do not declare a country of origin. Each capsule has more polyphenols than 1/3-liter of extra virgin olive oil.


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FDA disclaimer: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Andalusia, Spain

At the western tip of the Mediterranean Sea, in the south of Spain, the Andalusia region has a unique climate and landscape perfectly suited to growing healthy, vigorous olive trees. Olive cultivation was introduced to this region by the ancient Hebrews and Greeks and later expanded by the ancient Romans, who held this region's olive oil in great esteem.  Today, Andalusia is the world center of olive science and agriculture. It is the premier source of real olive tree extracts.


What about those cheap Olive Leaf Extracts?

Real olive leaf extract comes from the true olive tree (OLEA EUROPAEA). This tree grows throughout the Mediterranean and is the type used to make olive oil.  This is the plant that contains polyphenols such as Oleuropein that are used in research studies on cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and so forth.

Unfortunately, many olive leaf extracts are sourced from China and come from the "Chinese olive tree" (CANARIUM ALBUM), which is a completely different plant that does not contain any Oleuropein or other significant olive polyphenols.  Canarium album is more closely related to a plum or a citrus than it is to the true olive tree.

China is a great source for many herbs, but not for olive leaf. Cheap olive leaf extracts come from sources such as Alibaba, where the Chinese wholesalers often do not know the difference between true olive trees and Chinese olive trees. These wholesalers will advertise Canarium album standardized for Oleuropein; however, Canarium album does not contain any Oleuropein. So what are they really selling? No one knows!  Some Chinese sellers use both Latin names (Olea europaea and Canarium album) to refer to the exact same extracts. These mystery extracts find their way to the US, where they are dubiously labeled as Olea europaea standardized for Oleuropein. These cheap extracts can change hands so many times that no one knows for sure what the country of origin is and what plant they come from. If an olive leaf extract does not have a clear trace to a Mediterranean source, it is almost certainly from China and there is a huge chance that it is not real and not effective.

Many cheap olive leaf extracts use the words "American Made" or "Made in USA" to hide the plant origin. These words refer to the final stage of production, and do not tell you where the plant was grown or extracted. Real American-grown olive extracts are rare and expensive.

Even with real Olea europaea olive leaf extracts, there is a wide variation in quality depending on the origin, growing methods, plant selection, harvest time, extraction methods, storage, and so forth. If the source is good, the seller will probably tell you about it.

Some cheap extracts use a real standardized Mediterranean olive leaf extract, but it is mixed with a cheap filler composed of whole olive leaf powder. The product is then described as if the entire amount is standardized.

For these reasons, low-quality olive leaf is cheap and plentiful, but probably not effective.


Olive Leaf Extract Capsules

Each vegetarian capsule contains 500mg Olive Leaf Extract (OleuroPure™ full-spectrum standardized to at least 25% Oleuropein); plus 25mg Olive Fruit Extract (OleuroPure™ full-spectrum standardized to at least 20% total Hydroxytyrosol Complex™ and at least 16% pure Hydroxytyrosol). Both extracts are processed in Spain from authentic Olea europaea olive trees grown in Spain. MSRP $63

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Olive FRUIT Extract

For a limited time, Island Superfoods® offers a high-dosage of the same Hydroxytyrosol Complex™ used to boost Island Nutrition® Olive Leaf Extract.

Each capsule contains 100mg Olive Fruit Extract (OleuroPure™ full-spectrum standardized to at least 20% total Hydroxytyrosol Complex and at least 16% pure Hydroxytyrosol). MSRP $40

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Oregano Oil Organic Liquid Drops

100% organic. Pure, undiluted CarvaPure™ organic oregano oil with no carrier. Standardized to 75% natural carvacrol (no synthetic spiking). Made from the correct plant type, the true oregano (Origanum vulgare). Standardized for a high carvacrol, with a broad spectrum of other oregano polyphenols and related phytonutrients. 100% grown & extracted in Spain. Supports healthy immune system response and gut flora.* MSRP $48

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Oregano Oil Capsules

Each vegetarian capsule has 100 mg of the exact same CarvaPure™ organic oregano oil as our liquid drops. We emulsify the oregano oil in a lipid blend of organic sunflower seed lecithin, organic bees wax, and organic extra virgin olive oil to form a Self-Emulsifying Extract Delivery System (S.E.E.D.S.)™ for improved bioavailability. Supports healthy immune system, gut flora, and systemic microbiome.* MSRP $48

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